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Battle, explore, quest and craft in the fight for Aion. Develop and unleash your NFT Hero in an enthralling high fantasy world.

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Battle, explore, quest and craft in the fight for Aion. Develop and unleash your NFT Hero in an enthralling high fantasy world.

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The Game

Become a Legend

Rise to greatness and develop your Hero's powers through strategic gameplay and shrewd decision-making. Level up, customize your talent tree, collect rare items and forge your destiny through a variety of actions, challenges and game mechanics.

Attune to Aion

Venture forth across distant lands to discover and channel the powerful wells of magic energy known as Aion, strengthening your Hero and earning you the $AION token.

Explore, Quest and Ambush

Cambria is a land teeming with danger and possibility. Explore to obtain rare items, recipes and materials. Embark on Quests for special rewards and experience. Ambush enemy players seeking to channel Aion and claim it for your own.

Create and Craft

A robust crafting system puts the power of creation in your hands, allowing you to create unique weapons and armor that you can choose to equip or sell in the Marketplace.

A Living, Breathing World

Aion Rising is a dynamic, changing world in which the Heroes are the protagonists. A rich tapestry of conflict, factions, lore and geography form the history of Cambria, the pages of which will be written by the players.

Factions and Dipomacy

Heroes actively impact the game world and its narrative through their actions and affiliations. Special rewards and opportunities follow as a consequence of aligning with an in-game faction.

Build your Retinue

As your Hero grows in power, stature and importance, they will begin to form a company of attendants, advisors and followers who form the basis of your Retinue. These Retinue Followers will exist in the form of NFT trading cards, with varying levels of rarity, traits and bonuses.

Lay Claim to Land

Player-owned land will be implemented in a standalone game called Aion Kingdoms which will be connnected to the Aion ecosystem through the use of shared tokens and in-game resources. Plans for Aion Kingdoms will be announced at a later date, once Aion Rising is in its post-launch period.

The Aion Rising

On a cloudless, silent night, a brilliant green comet burned across an obsidian sky. A great and terrible magical storm soon followed, heralding the Alignment of the Seven Spheres. Aion Energy sprang forth from the very soil, decimating cities, splintering kingdoms, and creating nexuses of power for the Attuned to draw from.

The Attuned left standing

In the aftermath of the Storm, there were those select few who were left unscathed by the emergence of the ethereal Aion auras. The Attuned, as they came to be known, found that they could draw great power from these sources of energy.

A new age of heroes

The Heroes of this new eon will turn the tide of Cambria’s history with their newfound strength. Emboldened by their Affinity for Aion and its seemingly limitless potential, these powerful champions are destined to become the protagonists of a new Age of Heroes.

Forging a Legacy

A stark divide now cleaves Cambria between those with the Aion Affinity and those without. The dominance of the old guard has been shattered almost overnight. Revolt, revolution and a shattering of the old power dynamics has reached every corner of the continent. On which side will you lend your might?

Hero NFT

Your hero is represented by an NFT- ERC721. You retain complete ownership of your Hero, their items and the value they accrue through your gameplay and strategy decisions without any restrictions or limitations.

Gameplay first; blockchain second

We leveraged the blockchain to ensure player ownership of in-game assets but it isn't the centerpiece of our vision. Decisions on centralization will always favor gameplay first and foremost. We are committed to complete transparency about our approach to game design and stewardship of the Aion Universe, which will always include close collaboration with our community.

Aion Token

Built with the Polygon blockchain, Aion Rising uses the $AION token as the only in-game currency. It will be used for all purposes such as Crafting, Hero progression, Questing, and other future in-game actions. $AION is earned via the main gameplay mechanisms and will also be the currency used in the Marketplace.

Marketplace and Trade

Most rare and powerful items will also be NFTs, allowing players to freely buy and sell them in the open market. These items can include materials used for crafting and recipes for crafted items themselves.
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Heroes of Cambria

warrior hero
mage hero
ranger hero

Unleash your potential as an Aion champion. Embark on an epic adventure as one of three classes, each with unique strengths, playstyles, and abilities.

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The Team

Marko Bilal

Marko Bilal


Zarko Bilal

Zarko Bilal

Story & Game Mechanics

Nikola Stojanovic

Nikola Stojanovic

Art Direction & Game Mechanics